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Most visited cities in Asia: The top ten

The most visited cities in Asia. Some on the top ten you never heard of. Some you might have but never thought they would feature on this count up of highest frequented destination cities. Stay tuned and check out these amazing cities, with their flaws and beautiful sides alike. Enjoy this top ten of most visited cities in the continent of Asia.

#10 - Shanghai, China:

China's most developed metropolis, with some 23 million souls. People visit either for commerce or to witness Chinese classical architecture in the old city, the the Jade Buddha, and the Jing'an Temples among others, and the Zhu Jia Jiao classic water village...

Shanghai, China attracts 6.65 million international visitors every year, earning it #10 in the count up to the most visited cities in Asia.

Shanghai's skyline at night

#9 -Taipei, Taiwan:

With its Hot springs, Confucius temple, festivals and culture, this Capital of Taiwan, with 2.6 Inhabitants, sees some 7.8 million international visitors, and sits at number 9.

#8 - Osaka, Japan:

This once capital of Japan, is definetly its culinary capital as it is known to many as japans kitchen.

The main entertainment district has a wide verity of restaurants... The city of Osaka has some real good museums. Osaka, Japan sees some 7.9 million international visitors every year.

Osaka Japan, zen gardens

#7 - Hong Kong:

This jewel of the east has been an oasis for decades, and a financial powerhouse, it attracted cultural influences from the neighboring countries and European powers alike. More than

9.25 million international visitors make the trip to check out this oriental pearl with a British twist...

Hong Kong double decker blue tram

#6 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

The malasian capital is a big city of more than 7 million people. visitors come here to enjoy this melting pot of cultures, cuisines, some beautiful natural landmarks, and very affordable luxury hotels. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is visited by 12.1 million international visitors.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Petronas Twin Towers

Now Let's see the heavy hitters in Asia, these mega cities welcome over 10 million visitors or more each, you will be surprised which is on top...

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