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The most visited European cities: Rome and Milan


In this series of summaries we will bring you 13 of Europe's most visited cities, these cities as demonstrated by the millions whom every year pack up and head for what they offer from heritage, architecture, art and entertainment. very beautiful cities that make anyone's vacation or trip memorable...

# 7 - Rome, Italy:

The eternal city has been a center of power, culture, and religion for millennia, Rome, has earned and still does, its nickname as the eternal city, It has endured, evolved, grown, and exported civilization to many corners of the world. Walking through the city is a trip through history. It is stacked with monuments that need no introduction: the pantheon, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Forum and Palatine Hill, statues and edifices telling the stories of emperors and commoners alike, Churches, palaces, and more ruins. All of which make it one of the worlds most visited cities, holding on to an age old heritage, yet embracing modernity. The infrastructure is excellent, the restaurants, bars, markets are refreshing stops, and offer the many tastes of Italy and the nightlife is great. Rome also provides a chance to visit the Vatican.

Rome, Italy attracts 7.3 million international visitors.

#6 - Milan, Italy:

Milan, Italy, Although lacking the historical weight of its compatriot, Rome, is a magnet for tourists. The modern face of Italy, although it maintains a great deal of heritage. Milan is hub for or shopping, opera, and has a great nightlife. It is a celebration of the Italian lifestyle with a modern take. In Milan you can see some the finest artwork by renaissance Baroque and modern artists. You can also see old churches- the oldest in Italy - palaces, excellent museums, the gardens of the Guastalla, La Scala theater and opera house. and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which is a 19th century style building housing a shopping mall.

Milan, Italy edges out Rome with 8.4 million international visitors.

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