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Famous Scottish castles, Stirling.

The enchanting Scottish highlands, nestled between the north see to the east, and the north Atlantic to the west, at the northern most part of the British Isles. Scotland is a land of lush green beauty, and a history to match. A land of lore and folktales, monsters and giants. A scene for bloody battles that turned the tide of history, and castles that withstood the test of time, and stand as a witness of the resilience of a land and its people.

There are a few well kept castles that each tell a different part of the history of the country.

Stirling Castle a historically and architecturally important landmark in Scottish history. Perched on castle hill overlooking Stirling, the castle is intertwined with Scotland's wars of independence from England. The mention of it brings to mind names like William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce. The castles gatehouse suffered destruction when King Edward the 1st deployed Warwolf on of the largest trebuchets in recorded history.

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