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Off the beaten path places to enjoy fall foliage, Vail Colorado.

This time of the year, having a chance to go out in the open and enjoy the magical colors of fall is a special treat. There are a few traditional areas that many frequent during this time of the year for its color rich natural scenery. New England comes to mind, ripe with an extended fall blanket stretching as far a the eye can see. Canada has its own prime spots for enjoying fall. Alaska also commands a fair share of such spots. Those who visit New York this time of the year, particularly enjoy the enchanting fall colors of central park. In this series, however, we will cover places that you might not have heard of, but that nonetheless are equally magical if not more.

Vail, Colorado:

This Alpine enclave up in the Rockies, is best known for as a mid level winter destination. yet the scenery autumn is as beautiful as any fall destination on the north east coast although the cottages and hotel facades remind you of the Swiss Alps. making for some very beautiful scenery. And he laid back atmosphere is a plus.

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