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World landmarks with a hair-raising experience for visitors 4

Across the world,are some hair raising tourist attractions, that are oddly enough, visited by millions every year fr that same reason, in this series we will cover a few of these landmarks and what makes them both spooky, and a magnet for visitors.

Death road, Bolivia

The North Yungas Road, or Death Road:

The North Yungas Road, or Death Road is a 36 miles strech of road in the in the Yungas region of Bolivia, linking the capital La Paz to Coroico. Winding through steep hillsides and cliffs, the road transits between climates almost from arride cool to rainforest conditions. maintaining the road has for long been a challenge, wash outs happen locally and quick and can affect the condition of the road which is not the best to begin with, especially for a single lane road, where many a time vehicles have to back up and find a spot to allow oncoming traffic to go through. The road goes back to the 1930s, and has been largely modernized, with paved roads doing away with the most dangerous sections, yet it still has dangerous stretches

The road descends from around 15,260 ft at La Cumbre Pass to around 3,900 ft at Coroico. This downhill change in elevation has attracted thrill-seeking mountain bikers, since the early 90s.

The road has cross marking where vehicles have toppled over with passengers onboard falling to their deaths. it is reputed to have caused the deaths of 200 to 300 travellers yearly

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