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Caribbean Gems: St. Martin.

ST Martin is a unique island in the Caribbean. with two nations claiming sections of this small island, the French northern part of Saint-Martain and the Dutch section, south, or Sint Maarten. Which explains the influences from both old European cultures, and makes the island a real treat in the Caribbean.

Maho beach, St. Martin

The border between the two sections is by no means established with barriers, there are only land-markings and monuments to remind residents and visitors alike of the start of either section... The influences are well apparent, to the enjoyment of tourists. One can be forgiven to think that they are across the pond in Europe at times, was it not for the much warmer weather.

Choir Stalls, St. Martin

The Dutch side with its capital Philipsburg has recently attracted developments, with high rise and waterfront buildings offering a piece of paradise to vacation goers especially from America. The French side has a heavier continental influence, you would believe yourself at time in France and not in Marigot, St Martin. It is less developed, yet it has more of the islands natural beauty.

waterfront developments, Saint Martin, St. Martin

The main selling point for the island is obviously its weather, and of course the beaches of which it has 37 total. Many very nice hotels have waterfront property on most of these, not to forget Beach Bars, Cafés and restaurants offering delicious Caribbean influenced dishes, with a hint of Europe, or vice versa.

St, Martin's biggest asset is its beautiful beaches

Snorkelling in Orient Bay underwater marine reserve is especially pleasing. Maho Bay beach is known for its proximity to airport and its close and personal experience of large aircraft landing or departing. Mullet Bay, some argue, is the best beach of the island. there are other beaches where clothing is optional..

Beautiful view of the island of St. Martin from up high.

The island has over 300 restaurants, and the mix between Dutch and Caribbean and especially french and Caribbean is a very interesting experience.

Goose thigh dish, St. Martin.

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