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Places that remind us of heaven on earth, part 2

Swiss Alps:

For mountain and ski lovers especially, this area of the alps although considered pricier than your average destination is a veritable heaven. With lakes, laid back cottages, cowbells, and yodelers and the green scenery, it creates an insulating sense of cafe free well being.

New Zealand:

Rendered more and more popular by the movie industry, this laid back land is home to landscapes as pure as can be, it is very much laid back, and not horribly expensive to live on, but don't pack your bags yet, this enchanting land has some of the most stringent immigration policies...

Santorini, Greece:

This Sun soaked haven on the Mediterranean offers vacationers fantastic views from the hillside, teaming with miniature swimming pools and spas, the food is infused with Mediterranean flavors, the weather is enchanting. It is no wonder that scores of people chose to honeymoon on the island, and keep coming back.


Florida is not just a tired tourist destination. It has a bit of everything you could want, The laid back beaches, the nice weather, the beautiful scenery, and a party atmosphere to rival any. not to mention a stone throw away some of the worlds prime destinations and attractions...


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