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Less popular destinations that are absolutely delightful: Bern Switzerland.

Berne ( Bern):

Founded in 1191, The capital of Switzerland is city full of historical charm, the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The river Aare snakes around large city blocks providing for some beautiful scenery. Walking around the old paved streets you would notice an abundance of fountains and clock-towers. near the center of the old town the clock-tower is a display of early animatronic technology, and a showcase for why Switzerland for centuries has been a bustling center for precision industries that earned its reputation nowadays.

The city also has some very good museums like the Berne Historical Museum, and the Kunstmuseum, with art pieces, surprisingly, from world renown artists. Bern is also family friendly and one of the safest cities in the world. It does give a taste of traditional yet modern Switzerland, and can be a point of departure to enjoying the rest of switzerland's destinations, including the Swiss Alps which are popular year round and, especially by winter sport lovers, during the winter.

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