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Tahiti, "the island of love"


This volcano gift of an island, in the shape of a turtle, is the largest of the French Polynesia Society islands, and is also known to many as the "Island of Love." With its waterfalls, such as Les Trois Cascades in Tahiti Nui, its streams and valleys and a beautiful coastline. Tahiti is home to beautiful tropical flora. The turquoise waters of the lagoon average temperatures in the high 70 s, making it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, Jet-Skiing, and sailing are also especially sought after by the multitudes that visit the islands, and many resorts offer the necessary equipment for free. on land, the natural beauty entices visitors to hiking and safaris, with breathtaking scenery along the coastline and inland. The islands are a birdwatchers heaven, with very many bird species creating a beautiful visual tableau with a background of tropical foliage.

Whether on Taha'a, Huahine, Bora Bora, Raiatea, or Moorea, the main selling point of the islands, are the unique esquisite beaches, with the breathtaking sights and sunsets...

Inland, among the main attractions inland are : The Arahoho blowhole, Papeete's market, the botanical gardens at Papeari, on the west coast, which is also close to the Gauguin Museum.

The food here has shades of Chinese, south east Asian and French influences. sea food is popular, so is fresh local fruit. On weekends, a common sight are the "Roulottes", which are mobile cart food vendors.

Tahiti is not a cheap vacation destination. For most visitors the location of this slice of heaven is so remote, and for most, takes long trips. Nonetheless, many are willing to expand treasure and effort to make it here. And to some, the seclusion coupled with the absolutely breathtaking beaches, and scenery, enhances the feeling of an earthly haven, attracting many whom are seeking a break and seeking the laid back calm turquoise waters. Tahiti is especially popular, and is a perennial destination for honeymooners the world over hence its name, the "Island of Love."


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